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Dubai Marriage

Dubai is a great place for starting your marriage. First, it has a beautiful, romantic culture with an exceptional architecture, great cuisine, kind people and some beautiful sites, to pair it up with. Dubai is a real luxury place and its other best feature is, that it is warm even when its wintertime. Let us tempt you to organize a real Dubai Wedding for you, guaranteed to exceed all your expectations in quality.

Here are the basic steps for you to take before making your wedding plans to come true:

1. Research
You need to think of a date and at least 3-6 months before; you need to start up with the preparations. In Dubai, of course there are many professional companies, such as the Dubai Wedding organizer of Atlantis the Palm, one of the most outstanding luxury hotels in the world offering one of the best event and wedding organizers of Dubai. You will see that here, they can perfectly organize the perfect Dubai Wedding of your dreams for you not much before the actual ceremony. You have to count with the seasons when you ask for their offers. But you will be surprised: it does not cost as much as you may imagine such a luxury place to be, especially in the winter and early spring, when Dubai is much nicer to be, than in the summer and you can even get 50% cheaper offers than in peak season!

2. Contact your embassy
Each country has its own set of rules and laws when it comes to marriage and United Arab Emirates in no exception of course. Due to its geographic situation, Dubai has always been extremely alert to all sorts of diseases and in apply serious step in order not to let anyone ill in the country. Anyone who likes to stay in Dubai for a longer period has to undergo a medical check. Same applies for couples before marriage. No matter you is a tourist or an expat you need to do a medical check to get the permission of the state to get married. The good news is, you do not really need to do more official procedures in case both you and your love come from the same nationality.

3. The religion
Dubai is probably the most westernized emirate in the whole world, being extremely open toward all sorts of cultures and religions. In Dubai, you can find catholic and protestant churches, the Hindu is one of the main religions of the emirate next to Sunni Muslim of course. Your wedding planner can help you with your wedding ceremony providing you with the local contacts of your religion; otherwise, you can have the ceremony itself at your respective embassy.

4. Why wedding planner?
There are many who are still afraid even to think about talking to a real wedding planner in order to make the perfect wedding, while in other countries it is a must, as people already know how much better it is, when it's a professional who plans your wedding. Dubai is following the footsteps of the United States in this regard. All of its hotels have their own event organizers to help you out in connection with all sorts of events. Of course, when in Dubai, do and enjoy the highest profile of luxury, what you can do and with a little bit of pre-thinking you can make your stay luxurious and cheap in the very same time!

If you are ready to open up toward Dubai, you will see that you will fall in love with this multicultural luxurious emirate. Have the wedding of your dreams by having a real, authentic Dubai wedding and honeymoon to serve as a perfect start for your marriage!