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Dubai NightlifeWhen it is after dark, the vibrant nightlife scene in Dubai really kicks off. There are a wide variety of events, attractions and venues which offer a very impressive display of nightlife entertainment. As there are too many choices, you might feel troubled to select which one you want to start off first.

Many major cities have a nightlife district dedicated to social activities at night but Dubai doesn't have one because there is no particular entertainment heart to this city. Rather than concentrating all in one spot, there are many entertainment venues dotted across this amazing metropolis and it can take a few nights out to explore all of them. When it comes to bars, all the big hotels have a variety of bars and many of them are crowded with people until the early wee hours. They are definitely not just the hunts of the businessmen on travel, a lot of expatriates meet up in their preferred hotel bars particularly on a Thursday or Saturday night as these are the biggest nights of the week for socialising - just like in other big cities like London or Berlin where Thursday night is the beginning to the exciting weekend for those who like to work hard and party harder. One of the most popular hotel bars is the Blue Bar which is in the Novotel on Sheik Zayed Road.

Recently, there has been an endless flow of lively bars opening and expatriates meet up to watch sporting events like football and basketball. They would meet to chill out, flirt with lovely ladies and do some networking. I would recommend you to try the Irish Village (also known as IV) as your first port of call. Many people call it "a Dubai institution" and it is truly one of the most packed out venues for expatriates bar. It's located along the street of the Dubai Tennis Stadium. In Dubai, expatriates are allowed to buy and consume alcohol in their homes and bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. The clubs may also have special licenses which permits them to sell alcohol to non-Muslim customers over the age of 21.

Unfortunately, there are no casinos in Dubai as gambling is totally against the Muslim tradition and culture. Most bars and clubs cater to the young adults. All have to be closed by 3am and most are clearly divided into themes - from international to Arabic to African to Latin American. If you want to dance till you drop, you should try Amnesia in the Palm Hotel for a fantastic dance scene or maybe try Club Africana in the Rush Inn.

For those who crave live music, you can keep an eye out on the local schedule as there are some seriously talented bands in Dubai. This is because many of the international venues and hotels regularly import acts for special occasions.

Dubai is a fast paced, hard working, young, energetic place and the nightlife purely reflects the vibe of the city. Dubai's nightlife will not disappoint you. There are different entertainment venue choices, Dubai Nightlife, entertainment services and a variety of events to enjoy every single night of the week until you leave the unforgettable Dubai!