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Dubai Horse RacingDubai may not seem like an ideal place for horse racing. But, as the city that built a snow dome in the desert, maybe it should come as no great surprise that this Middle Eastern shopping paradise hosts many expensive horse races like the Dubai World Cup.

Horse racing in Dubai is the best racing in the world, and the attractive prizes draw the very best of the top horses and jockeys from around the world. Besides that, Dubai horse race courses are seen as places which celebrities frequently visit.

Don't let all the glitter and gold blind you though. The planning and preparation of horse racing in Dubai is of the very highest quality. These excellent financial and investment skills of the Emirates have been used to promote horse racing and bring it to the very highest level. In fact, the richest and most famous horse race in the world is run in Dubai, the Dubai World Cup, with a grand prize of over six million US dollars.

The Dubai International Racing Carnival attracts the world's top racing jockeys and horses, and features nine weeks of top class horse racing such as the Dubai Triple Crown and, of course, the World Cup every year. It is located at the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse which takes about 15 minutes of travelling from the centre of Dubai. Established in 1986, this world famous left handed course boasts both a dirt track and a grass track, and shares its site with the Nad Al Sheba Golf Club. Additionally, if you are a horse racing fan, you shouldn't miss out the priceless tour of the racecourse and the stables. You can get a close-up look at the first class facilities with a morning tour where you meet the supreme horses. You are shown around the training grounds and the farriers' workshops where the horses are shod, and also get a look at the jockeys' rooms and opulent hospitality areas. The whole tour takes three to four hours and ends with a visit to the inspiring trophy room, the Godolphin Gallery. The Godolphin Arabian, of course, was one of the three horses that founded the modern thoroughbred racing stock.

The love of horse racing in Dubai is exemplified by recent record-breaking projects that include the Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club that is the biggest equestrian and riding facility in the world. It is based in Dubai. And with a polo club and academy, dressage, show jumping, riding school, and also the Arabian Ranches, a specially designed residential cluster for people involved in equestrian sports.

Lastly, you should take note that gambling is strictly not allowed in Dubai whether it's on or off-course. However, each visitor can pick the six horses they think will win each race for a prize of up to six thousand dollars for the nearest. All they have to do is enter their choices on the 'pick six' form and hand it in about ten minutes before the first race starts. People love the sport for its own sake, and thoroughly enjoy their day at the races.