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Career in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world's fastest growing employment hotspots in the world. There are over 30 new companies popping up in the emirateís free trade zones every week and since 2002, over 700 companies have registered in the Dubai Media City free trade zone alone.

When it comes to industries like tourism, IT, media and finance, there are abundant job opportunities for qualified people and if youíre interested in working in Dubai hereís a quick guide to working in the most exciting, tax- free, fastest growing multi cultural location in the world.

Thatís right! Dubai is tax-free. Basically, if you live and work in the emirate, your income will not be taxed and furthermore, if you buy a house, you will not be subjected to property taxes because direct personal taxation is against the law in Dubai.

Currently, the emirate has 15 free trade zones and 7 more zones are in final stages. The free trade zones are places where foreign businesses can establish themselves and grow without the constraint of taxes like corporate taxation. In addition, and without having to responsible to a structure where business does not need have to submit all accounting reports to the major shareholders. As a result of all of these incentives in the form of zero taxes that have been offered to overseas businesses, the grown rates of these companies have been incredible and at the same time it has created more jobs.

Foreigners need a work permit and a residency visa to work in Dubai, and most of the employers would probably arrange all these necessary documents for their expatriate when they employ them. If youíre planning on travelling to Dubai to seek a job, you can enter the country on a temporary visa and then as soon as you secure an employment, you can apply for your work permit and the respective visas. You should check the immigration rules beforehand because the rules relating to the period of time you can remain in the country on a temporary visa may vary depending on the country you are originated from and just to be on the safe side, you should check with your local UAE embassy on the rules that apply to you before you travel.

Networking skills are very important to most businesses in Dubai. You might feel alienated when you first arrived but you should go out there and start introducing yourself to other people. Ensure that you have a plenty of business cards to hand out whenever you leave your house to meet your business associates as trading exchanging business cards is the most essential step to successful networking in Dubai. Donít be afraid to give out your business card to anyone because you never know when your contacts would come into good use when time comes.

Expatriates make up almost 90% of the population in Dubai and because of that, you get know to know and make friends with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It can be an interesting experience because you get to understand more about the different countries a lot more. Donít worry that you canít blend into them because there are a lot of social clubs and events for people to meet people and make friends in this multi-culturale society.