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Al Liali Jewellery is one of the top Dubai diamond jewellery sellers in the capital of high-style jewellery: Dubai. The Al Liali brand equals great quality and great designs. The jewellery maker is one of Dubai's most prestigious brands since 1999 when it was founded. The jewellery brand is also one of the biggest in Dubai with its 18 showrooms all around the city. Al Liali doesn't only offer top Dubai diamond jewellery though: their pearl and precious gemstone jewellery collections are equally outstanding too.

Founded by Raed Ahmad Baker and Anuraag Sinha, the jewellery manufacturing company grew out to become one of the main sellers of the highest quality Dubai diamond jewellery. They offer yellow and 18K white gold jewellery and of course all their items are handmade. They work with the highest quality South Sea and black pearls to and they are members of the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre which is the head of Diamond and jewellery trading in Dubai. Al Liali Jewellery started out in 1999 as a small firm but thanks to their high dedication to bring the best quality jewellery on the already growing Dubai jewellery market. They soon became one of the top sellers of quality Dubai diamond jewellery, pearl and precious gemstone jewellery and all sorts of gold jewellery. Al Liali also deals with birthstones. In their stores, you can easily find the gemstone of your birth date. Al Liali is highly competent in its services, and through its dedication, it doesn't only offer jewellery for the richest. You can buy quality pieces at them from USD 250. On their website, you can find quality gift ideas between USD 250 and USD 3000. Al Liali Jewellery deals with all sorts of quality jewellery which includes rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings, full sets and they also have their distinctive bridal jewellery. Their collections include the following:

. Memories: includes the exclusive diamond collection containing high profile diamonds with white gold
. Petit: this one makes a beautiful cohesion of diamonds and yellow gold, resulting in a beautifully unique collection. Petit targets teenage generation, the very first jewellery a girl can get.
. Affair: this collection has the stylistic signs of Italian jewellery with beautiful baguette shaped exclusive jewellery.
. Nakhsharta, Asmi, Gili: these three Indian collections wear the signs of Indian design and extremely elegant feminine forms
. Nouf: this is the collection of fancy diamonds and coloured gemstones an extremely beautiful sight.
. Sakura: a very elegant Japanese style unique collection of pearl jewellery
. Kimono: Kimono represents Japanese pearls in their full gloom and beauty
. LialiGold: Represents some of the most beautiful gold collections which you can see in Dubai ,with great forms and beautiful shine.

Al Liali had a real breakthrough period from 2009 when its collections were sold in Dubai Duty Free shops and opened its new showrooms in Mirdiff City Centre and in Ras Al Khaimah too. Their first Abu Dhabi outlet was inaugurated in 2011 and as of today, you can see their beautiful Dubai diamond jewellery represented also in the Meena Bazaar and the Ras Al Khaimah Hilton Hotel too. As one of the finest representatives of Dubai diamond jewellery, Al Liali continues to grow relentlessly, thanks to its great quality and the sheer beauty in its creations.